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Journey Summer School 2021

The Journey is a residential educational program amplifying and accelerating climate action by training young people, to become transformative change agents contributing to systems transformation and building the foundation of a strong community of change agents.

The Journey has been running since 2010 as a summer school for young people (18-30), master students and young professionals. It has generated over 3,500 alumni and over 480 innovative climate solutions. However, the programme does not only generate ideas and solutions, but it also transforms the individuals that participate. It is a personal journey, as well as a physical one.

The Journey is unique because of our methodological core and pedagogy, which combines skills development and personal development with learning about systems transformation through contextualized and experiential learning. It prepares young people for the complexity and uncertainty in navigating climate action and empowers them to take action in a way that is meaningful to them and the ecosystem in which they operate.

EIT Climate-KIC work with universities, NGO’s, government bodies and businesses across Europe to build the capacities of young people to face society’s big challenges. The programme is delivered in strong partnership with these local actors and local ecosystems, where local organisations take the lead in organising the structure, content and delivery, and EIT Climate-KIC supports the learning content development, methodology, design, and coordination between partners.

In 2021 the Journey has been redesigned to deliver in a hybrid, online and offline format to be responsive and adaptive to the ongoing pandemic and to build our learnings from delivering an online Journey in 2020 into the programme for 2021. The programme will be comprised of 4 segments which take place in the following order: online learning, residential learning, collaborative learning, and a community summit. These segments will be delivered by a team comprised of hosts, which we recruit in this call, expert learning coaches, and EIT Climate-KIC staff.


  • Call opening Monday, 23rd November 2020
  • Call closing Friday, 18th December 2020 18.00 CET
  • Decision communication Friday, 22nd January 2021

Events & information sessions:

Drop-In sessions for further discussion about the call will take place on the following times:

Please only attend one and use the links above to register.


This call for proposals is open for applications to both EIT Climate-KIC partners and non-partner organisations. However, organisations will not be eligible to receive funding until they have EIT Climate-KIC Partner status. This means that only EIT Climate-KIC Partner organisations who have acceded to the new Horizon Europe legal framework (or as required by EIT) are eligible to receive EIT-funding.

There are further eligibility requirements specific to the Journey 2021 programme Call. Please see the EIT Climate-KIC Call – Journey 2021-Final 1.2 for further details on eligibility for receiving funding, and the Journey programme Call eligibility requirements.

How to apply

The call is a one-stage process: the submission of a full proposal followed by assessment and decision outcome.

To apply for the call:

  • read the relevant EIT Climate-KIC Call – Journey 2021-Final 1.2  which contains an outline of the programme, guidance on submitting, eligibility criteria, and the assessment/selection criteria;
  • speak to a relevant KIC colleague about the proposal that you are preparing (see contact in the Call to Action and Guidelines documents);
  • submit your online application on Plaza.

Cal to Action & Guidelines, and Application Forms:

Supporting documents:


Strategic Partnership in Entrepreneurial Investing

EIT Climate-KIC has set out to engage investment capital in service of its climate action strategy Transformation, in Time. We are looking for organisations willing to enter into a strategic partnership (or any other commercial relationship) with us on building and developing investment capability, particularly around our entrepreneurial programmes, in order to mobilise capital for the most promising of climate innovations in our portfolio and to contribute to EIT Climate-KIC’s long-term financial sustainability.

The Opportunity

Implementing our entrepreneurship strategy and expanding into the sphere of investments will be a learning journey for EIT Climate-KIC, particularly because the way we envision this to happen represents a deviation from classic cleantech entrepreneurship and thus requires exploration, experimentation, and learning. This is why we are looking for partners and service providers to come along this journey with us.

Our core expertise lies in identifying innovation needs, evaluating climate impact potential, incubating ideas, developing entrepreneurial initiatives, bringing together the supply side of innovation with its demand side, and extracting intelligence from our portfolio. These are the core competencies we seek to lever in a partnership. For more detailed information on the background to our entrepreneurship activities, please see the Request for Information guidance document, linked below.

We are particularly interested in organisations that have skills and experience complementary to ours and that understand how to amplify the value of the unique assets we have already built:

  1. A 10-year track record doing climate innovation and a highly refined, experienced-based understanding of the systemic nature of the climate crisis and the effectiveness of different innovation approaches
  2. A range of well-established, globally delivered entrepreneurship programmes that produce a steady pipeline of innovative ideas, entrepreneurial talents, and investable start-ups
  3. A mass of data from both the supply side and demand side of our portfolio that we can turn into actional intelligence for investors
  4. A community of more than 400 organisations from the public, private, academic, and philanthropic sectors that we can leverage for insight, reach, and partnership
  5. A brand that expresses experience, honest broker status, and legitimacy in the societal and political spheres (including at national and EU level)

In particular, we are looking for skills and capabilities required to manage investment programmes with institutional capital: expertise around fundraising and capital blending; structuring and executing transactions; conducting financial, technological, and legal due diligence; and exercising shareholder rights, to name just a few.

Please refer to the Request for Information guidance document for details on what we are looking for in strategic partnerships.

Timeline and review

  • Request for information (RFI) issue: 28 September 2020
  • Closure of submission window: 16 December 2020 (18:00h CET).

Responses can be submitted at any time after the RFI issuance date and until the closure of the submission window as indicated above.

Submissions will be reviewed continuously. EIT Climate-KIC may decide to enter into conversations with respondents and/or launch a formal RFP process at any time after the RFI issuance date. Therefore, respondents are encouraged not to wait until the last minute to submit their responses.

How to apply

Parties interested in entering into a dialogue with EIT Climate-KIC are asked to submit a response using the templates and guidance provided here:

Please submit your response at any time following the RFI issuance, but at the latest by the deadline indicated above, to