About the Partnership

What is the Systems Innovation Learning Partnership?

EIT Climate-KIC and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) are collaborating on a Systems Innovation Learning Partnership (SILP) to shift mindsets and grow capabilities that enable sustainable transformations to happen. 

We have seen that business as usual is not enough to address complex issues such as the climate crisis or growing inequalities – we need rapid changes across every level of society and radically new approaches to do so.  

But how do we achieve this? What skills, mindsets and capabilities do we need as individuals and as organisations to achieve this impact? How can we scale this approach to activate innovation across systems?  

Scaling impact through organisation peer-learning

Our vision is to enable real, transformative impact by creating a community of people who can learn together, who can share knowledge and experiences transparently and generously, and who can apply that learning to create lasting impact.  

We want to do this by connecting actors across diverse ecosystems to experiment with systems thinking and practice in their own contexts. In creating these environments for learning, SILP aims to create capability and capacity within these ecosystems for actors to navigate complex challenges and to make positive, sustainable transformations.  

The way we are creating these opportunities for experimentation is through a series of learning events and participatory workshops, as well as an experimentation fund that will support the explorations of early-stage innovation practices on a global level, as well as offer reflection sessions to support deeper learning about what works and what doesn’t.  

Within the experimentation fund, we will focus particularly on supporting initiatives from actors in the Global South. As SILP founding partners, we are aware of the biases and power imbalances we carry as Global North institutions, and we will work to ensure individuals and institutions from the Global South are included and have shared ownership of this community. The experimentation fund is currently in development, and more information will be communicated in coming months, including the Call for Experiments. 

We invite other organisations who work in systems innovation or who are curious about applying systems innovation particularly in the international development and climate impact spaces to join us. If you would like to know more, please contact us via email.


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