EIT Climate-KIC’s vision is to contribute to creating a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society with a circular, zero-carbon economy. We believe that innovation will achieve the deep decarbonisation required, and strengthen climate resilience. 

We do this by instigating transformative climate action and breakthrough innovation at the systems level. We support the development of relevant, timely and strategic innovation experiments to generate alternative business and industrial models that work towards this vision.

We receive funding from public and private partners, as well as an annual grant from the European Commission through its European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


Our structure and governance

The Climate-KIC Group is led by Stichting Climate-KIC International Foundation, an independent Dutch non-profit with public benefit status (ANBI) in the Netherlands (registration number 77373154). Established in 2010 and headquartered in Amsterdam, we are an organisation of circa 160 people, operating out of 13 cities across Europe and conducting activities in 39 countries globally.

The Climate-KIC International Foundation owns 90 per cent of Climate-KIC Holding B.V., a private limited liability company registered in the Netherlands (registration number 63299658), focusing on raising and effectively placing funds for climate-relevant innovation, while directly implementing and funding selected innovation initiatives at the systemic level. The Holding’s activities include pursuing public and private funding, sponsorship, incorporating, participating in and financing businesses and companies, and providing advice and services to others.

The remaining 10 per cent of shares in Climate-KIC Holding B.V. are held by Association Climate-KIC, registered in the Netherlands (registration number 52000117), an organisation whose membership is constituted of leading European Universities, research institutes, businesses and cities. 

Climate-KIC International Foundation

Climate-KIC International Foundation


The Foundation’s objective is to contribute in the broadest possible sense to the protection of nature and the environment, including the enhancement of sustainability, by way of innovation of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Its Executive Board leads and manages EIT Climate-KIC on its path to achieving its mission and objectives. The Foundation’s Supervisory Board monitors the policies pursued by the Executive and the general course of affairs in the Foundation. It further provides advice to the Executive Board, ensuring that the Foundation’s objectives are always considered in day-to-day management and policy setting. The Executive Directors share their day-to-day management task with a wider group of senior leadership, representative of the organisation as a whole, called the Management Team.

Please find more information about the Foundation, its mission, board, constitutional documents and policy plan here.



Barna Barath

Climate-KIC Holding B.V.

The Holding focuses on raising and effectively placing funds for climate-relevant innovation.

Supervisory Board

The Holding’s Supervisory Board takes responsibility for the supervision of Climate-KIC Holding B.V.’s general affairs and reports to the company’s shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

It monitors the Holding’s performance and considers matters such as the annual business plan, financial statements, matters of risk and compliance, programme management and fundraising.

Our board members


Association Climate-KIC

The Association’s members (Core Partners) constitute a pan-European network whose purpose is to exchange knowledge, learn through experimentation, build capability and work jointly to mobilise action and initiatives that facilitate and accelerate climate innovation.


The Association’s ultimate decision-making body, its Assembly, meets three to four times a year to discuss and resolve on matters concerning the Association’s business. The Core Partners appoint the Association’s Governing Board.

Governing Board

The Governing Board provides intellectual leadership and investigates critical challenges in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation. It informs EIT Climate-KIC’s multi-annual strategy and aspects of strategic relevance to the Association. It meets for strategy sessions with the Supervisory Board of the majority shareholder, the Foundation.

The Governing Board comprises twelve individuals appointed by the Assembly from representatives of the Association’s members. Its composition reflects the diversity of institutions and regions within Climate-KIC. The Governing Board meets around five times a year, its members are the Association’s legal representatives.

Our Board Members


EIT Climate-KIC Management Team

The Executive Team manages the day-to-day activities of the Climate-KIC Group, led by the CEO and the CFO, who are managing statutory directors. The statutory directors are overseen by the Supervisory Board.

The CEO and CFO act as the primary liaison between the Executive Team and the Supervisory Board. Together, they closely coordinate with the Holding’s General Meeting and other members of the Climate-KIC community, notably the Association, to ensure effective two-way translation of advice and policy.