The Leadership Team represents different functions at EIT Climate-KIC. It coordinates the execution of our strategy and manages overall operations for the people, partners and stakeholders who we are in service of. 

Dr Kirsten Dunlop

Chief Executive Officer Dr Kirsten Dunlop

Dr Andy Kerr

Chief Strategy Officer Dr Andy Kerr

Briana van Strijp

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Spratt

Chief Financial Officer

Alethea Gollan

Portfolio and PMO Orchestrator Alethea Gollan

Anna Brussa

Deep Demonstrations Teams Orchestrator

Chris Roe

Entrepreneurship, Solutions & Ventures Orchestrator Chris Roe

Ewa Patkiewicz

General Counsel Ewa Patkiewicz

Saskia Visser

Land Use, Agri-food, Sustainable Bio-economy Orchestrator Saskia Visser

Solla Zophoniasdottir

Learning Services Orchestrator Solla Zophoniasdottir

Stephanie Klotz

Communications & Marketing Orchestrator Stephanie Klotz

Thomas Osdoba

Programme Director, NetZeroCities Thomas Osdoba