Unlocking innovation potential

As the physical, social and political effects of climate change accelerate, the ground will shift under our feet. Our solution is to create a constant cycle of discovery, experimentation, and adoption, facilitating replication and movement-building across the short, medium and long-term. We need to test and learn by doing. 

Innovation and learning are two sides of the same coin; together, they spur transformation in the face of complexity. When people and organisations come together to push the boundaries and do something novel, they must use opportunities to reflect together, learn from successes and failures, make sense of changes and adapt.  

By learning while doing, correcting course as needed, we can accelerate transformational change. While doing, we discover and adapt to limits, unintended consequences, and intensifying climate change effects. 


Our approach

At EIT Climate-KIC, we design and facilitate experimentation, enable and support learning and mindset shifts through reflection, sensemaking and knowledge generation. 

We offer innovative and customisable learning formats that build understanding and enable people to act and influence in the areas of  

  • Working in complexity 
  • Systems Thinking 
  • Sensemaking 
  • Participatory approaches and collaboration  

Our capability activities are practice-based, mixing asynchronous and synchronous learning with facilitated and collaborative elements in both virtual and in-person settings.  

Our Learning MEL & Insights team designs and delivers a range of learning activities to meet people where they are, within the organisations and changemaking projects they are working in. We work within existing EIT Climate-KIC programmes, as well as with individual organisations on specific challenges. 

What we offer

Climate Leadership Academy

We provide public and private leadership with real-time, hands-on development and innovation capacities related and adapted to their green-sustainability strategic plans and ambitions.

This modular programme for individuals is designed to foster rapid learning from some of the most innovative, climate-ambitious projects, and raise awareness and disseminate environmentally friendly practices among citizens and authorities.  

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Learning partnerships and communities of practice

Our Learning partnerships and communities of practice bring together people and organisations who want to push the boundaries of what is possible, want to make transformational change in their own contexts, and recognise that change happens when people collaborate, share experiences, and learn from and with each other.

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Deep Demonstration capability building activities

Our Deep Demonstration learning portfolio supports and facilitates partners and collaborators in practicing systemic approaches in their projects and programmes. We start by fostering multi-stakeholder collaborations, bringing diverse actors together to understand and apply systems thinking approaches, and align on a shared vision around the complex challenge. Through these processes, we nurture co-ownership and co-creation of solutions and enable capability build to accelerate innovation.

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