EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy.

Keeping global temperature rise below 2˚C necessitates unprecedented change: new social dynamics, ways of doing business, capital flows, policymaking, economic models, and new ways of living. No one organisation can solve climate change on its own.
We catalyse the rapid innovation needed across sectors by convening the brightest minds to tackle challenges, empowering leaders through capacity building, and seed funding the most promising climate-positive businesses.

What We Do
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>€930m capital raised in external investment by our start-ups
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>1400 climate-positive companies incubated
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>2000 full-time jobs created through our start-up community
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365 partners
Innovation priorities We prioritise our activities around sector areas, or systems, where developing climate innovation along impact pathways can have the most potential for environmental gain and continued prosperity.

Cities account for 70 per cent of worldwide emissions, but they are also at the heart of the solution.

We actively accelerate the transformation of buildings, infrastructure and transport systems to be low carbon and resilient.


The industrial sector is responsible for a third of total global GHG emissions.

We lay the foundations for carbon-neutral manufacturing systems and material flows in urban areas and industrial regions, through circular economy principles and creating added value among stakeholders.

Land Use

Agriculture, forestry and other land uses account for 24 per cent of greenhouse gases emissions, second only to energy production.

We pave the way for efficient, low-carbon agriculture, advancing the bio-economy, and building resilience into food and forest value chains.

Metrics &

There is no lack of finance - but there is a lack of bankable green assets.

We develop metrics and financial mechanisms that matter in order to mobilise and redirect the finance needed to quickly scale-up climate action.

NEWS & INSIGHTS Latest updates & innovations
EIT Climate-KIC’s work in Slovenia

Last November, the Slovenian parliament passed a motion to adopt an EIT Climate-KIC-led proposal called “A Deep...

EIT Climate-KIC’s work in Slovenia
Moments matter*
Michelle Zucker Director, Community Activation, EIT Climate-KIC
Moments matter*
In Detail
Clean and Healthy Construction

Insights from the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen: Master Class and Market Dialogue for Clean and Healthy Construction. Why clean construction? Kevin Austin,...

Clean and Healthy Construction
In our community
Cities in a 1.5 degree world: What is there to learn from Leuven?
Cities in a 1.5 degree world: What is there to learn from Leuven?
Innovation spotlight
Elemental Water Makers’ solar desalination an asset as climate change ...

EIT Climate-KIC supported Elemental Water Makers is a water desalination scale-up that’s transforming water systems by enabling...

Elemental Water Makers’ solar desalination an asset as climate change threatens clean water