The power of Community

The EIT Climate-KIC Community thrives with over 150 global members, encompassing universities, research institutions, cities, NGOs, and startups united in their commitment to tackle climate change head-on. Their diverse backgrounds and unwavering dedication form an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and expertise. Together, EIT Climate-KIC and its Community members drive forward transformative climate innovation, shaping a resilient and sustainable future for all.

We collaborate within our expanding Community to accelerate the transformation of cities, regions and value chains for enhanced adaptation and climate resilience. Together, we cultivate the critical mass required to scale up both the supply and demand for climate change solutions.”


Our network

Our network of members includes the brightest minds, the most dynamic companies, the most strategic thinkers and the most forward thinking cities and public authorities committed to climate action and deep decarbonisation through innovation. It includes SMEs, larger corporations, start-ups, graduate students from our educational programmes, researchers, climate experts, cities, public authorities, NGOs and more.

The Community thrives on deep collaboration between organisations and individuals. The Community’s core principle is to explore where innovation can make the biggest difference in transforming systems. As a Community, we unite forces to find and implement solutions in integrated ways. 

The Community is a transformational force to support the most ambitious climate leaders to create change at the speed and scale required for systemic transformation.

We are a Community committed to delivering transformative climate goals.

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HOW TO APPLY? Join the EIT Climate-KIC Community today!

Why join the EIT Climate-KIC Community?


We connect to take climate action together and discover what is possible. Community members connect with each other—city to city, region to region, industry to industry, and solution providers with problem owners—across.


We mobilise funding and investment opportunities together. Members aim to attract funding and investments to achieve their climate impact goals. We collaborate to secure the funding at the necessary scale and speed.


We co-create and share insights within the community. Implementation and demonstration offer rich experiential learning. Community members seek to learn from one another to generate insights and knowledge.


We collaborate to elevate ambition and deliver transformative solutions. We understand the evolving EU policy landscape and emerging markets. Members engage with and shape the policy and regulatory landscape, both within the EU and beyond.


We collaborate to elevate ambition and deliver transformative solutions. We understand the evolving EU policy landscape and emerging markets. Members engage with and shape the policy and regulatory landscape, both within the EU and beyond.

Two ways to engage

Explore Membership

Explore Membership is suitable for individuals and organisations who are new or want to increase their understanding and collaboration to delivering systems change, regeneration, decarbonisation, climate resilience or starting their community-based innovation journey. Explore Members are motivated to self-explore and connect with others on ClimateHIVE - our online community ecosystem.

Drive Membership

Drive Membership is suitable for organisations that are already engaged in climate innovation activities and ready to collaborate with other members on innovation, sharing and learning with and from other members. Drive Members take an active role in shaping the Community, in the orchestration of systemic approaches and in collaborating to mobilise funding and investment in local and international contexts.

Association Climate-KIC and it's Governing Board

The Association Climate-KIC (the Association) is tasked with leading and mobilising the EIT Climate-KIC Community as a force for transformational climate action, for embedding and steering our community leadership approach and for being the voice of the shared purpose, priorities and ambitions of the Community.

As a Community Member, you will be invited to participate in the Association  as a Voting Member (if you become Drive Community Member) or as an Affiliate Member (if you join us as Explore Community Member) 

The Association’s Governing Board acts as the representative body of Association Climate-KIC. It takes a leadership role in community governance and advocacy and in setting the longterm strategy for the Climate-KIC community. 

You can learn more about Climate-KIC governance model here.

Community Members in the Governing Board
City of Malmö
Trinity College Dublin
The Cyprus Institute
Lobelia Earth
cirka cph

Community Events

Community Week San Sebastián

Systemic Funding for Climate Innovation & Social cohesion | 19-21 June 2024 | San Sebastián, Spain

In this joint week with the Gipuzkoa Deep Demonstration team at EIT Climate-KIC, we will dive into our systemic approach to transform the food system and urban mobility to foster a more climate resilient and social cohesive society, and the role of systemic funding in achieving these transformational goals.

Learn more & Register here!