What is EIT Climate-KIC Education?

Building awareness and knowledge are the first steps to helping individuals and sectors to act on climate change, but empowering people through developing new competencies and skills is when they can really make a difference. 

With a focus on real-life challenges and learning by doing, EIT Climate-KIC’s online learning, and professional development and graduate school programmes are the most transformative of their kind. 

EIT Climate-KIC’s education and capacity building work drives change across sectors and systems by fostering: 

  • Powerful pathways: Bringing stakeholders together to enable entrepreneurial responses to climate change
  • Human capital: Developing, maximising and mobilising stakeholders’ skills in innovation and business
  • Market transformation: Enabling and driving long-term climate change responses

Whether you are a city representative looking to update your knowledge in financing urban projects, an investor looking to learn about green opportunities, a business sustainability leader looking to get entrepreneurial insight, or a scientific researcher looking to apply your skills, we have something to offer you.  

Scroll down to explore exciting development and training opportunities in an emerging climate innovation market, and new ways of learning across sectors and disciplines.

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Graduate School

Inspiring and empowering the next generation of climate entrepreneurs and leaders.

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Graduate School
Professional Education

Providing knowledge and skills development opportunities for professionals to act on climate change through innovation

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Professional Education
Online Courses

A wide range of courses to update and refresh your climate and innovation knowledge

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Online Courses

Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among graduate students

Helping graduate students create new solutions to climate change

We bring together leaders from education, business and innovation to nurture and train graduates. We have created a community based on accelerated learning, entrepreneurial thinking, knowledge sharing and market awareness.



The Journey by EIT Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest summer school for innovation and entrepreneurship to address climate change. It offers a unique combination of climate knowledge and hands-on business experience.

Young Innovators

Young Innovators is the only challenge-led programme in Europe, supporting climate innovation through a wide set of partnerships with schools, cities, governments and industry. The mission of our schools learning and education programme is to boost the skills of young people aged 12-18 and to prepare them to lead and upgrade skills and capabilities in systems thinking and innovation. Our mission is to empower 300,000 young people by 2020, and 3 million by 2030, transforming over 10 per cent of all young people living in Europe, and beyond, to become climate champions and innovators.

To find out more about the programme visit Young Innovators.


Pioneers into Practice equips participants with practical tools needed to become the next generation of climate innovators to help us reach a net-zero society.

Through a mix of E-learning, Workshops, Projects, Coaching and Placements, Pioneers connects professionals across Europe and provides a one-of-a-kind, transformative learning experience. We see innovation and learning as two sides of the same coin.  


Our two-week summer school on climate-related topics is for PhD students and creates hubs for new ideas with interdisciplinary approaches. We bring together PhD students from around the globe at a range of European locations.


Our Spark! lecture programme is a series of round-table discussions with inspirational climate innovators and thought-leaders. These interactive sessions are hosted by our EIT Climate-KIC partner universities.

EIT Masters and PhD Labels:

Adding value to your Masters or PhD

The EIT Label programme offers a unique opportunity to deepen and extend your knowledge, gain credibility and develop your business opportunities throughout Europe and beyond. Complement your Masters or PhD programme and become part of a community that creates real solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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Building competences and skills to help sector professionals lead on the climate challenge

We bring together international leaders from the spheres of business, policy, innovation and education to accelerate entrepreneurial responses to climate change. Our systemic-centred approach is based on real-world challenges, learning by doing, knowledge transfer and successful innovation.



Our Pioneers course is Europe’s leading professional mobility programme focused on climate change. Operating in fifteen European locations, Pioneers consists of four to six week placement, bespoke transitions thinking and systems innovation mentoring, delivered through structured workshops and online training. Professionals from industry, small companies, universities, research institutes and local government, as well as non-profit and public organisations are welcome to apply.


Our Catalyst courses facilitate the sharing of best practice between professionals and entrepreneurs who face similar challenges. Participants enhance their projects, strategies and skills for managing innovation through collaboration and interaction. Courses consist of five-day coached residential workshops, accompanied by online modules.


Spotlight courses are short, comprehensive educational programmes of up to three days. Each course focuses on a specific innovation or transition challenge, and aims to increase competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes that supports climate innovation.


Exchange is an intensive, 12-18 month programme aimed at institutions that want to strengthen the innovation competencies of their people and to actively collaborate with their peers. The programme works alongside institutions’ existing innovation projects or strategy processes, helping to tear down existing barriers to successful implementation.

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Climate-KIC Masterclasses

Masterclass group

Climate-KIC Masterclasses are dedicated to developing the skills you need to set up a business: from business model generation, building teams, to negotiating and closing sales deals. Guest speakers are experienced entrepreneurs with an outstanding track record and teaching skills.

These unique Masterclasses are a successful series of two-day workshops which are popular amongst Climate-KIC Accelerator start-ups and are hosted in various European cities. High-level teachers and trainers with extensive knowledge and experience in their field create intense learning programmes for the Climate-KIC community. Since the start of Masterclasses in 2012, the curriculum has been fine-tuned based on participant feedback.

Check out our events section for a selection of the latest Masterclasses. 

Online Courses

Enhance your learning with our free online courses

Our courses cover everything from climate change impacts and science to innovation and entrepreneurship tools, sustainability reporting and much more.

Get bite-sized learning tailored to your specific learning needs in our Learning Nugget Library. The nuggets are free and open to anyone.

Join our online learning community, sign up for courses and programmes, debate course content and share your knowledge and learning experience with peers and experts.

You will need to register on our site before accessing the courses. This will help you track your learning progress and to easily locate the courses in which you are enrolled.

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Climate Coaches

Network of Climate Coaches

EIT Climate-KIC’s Network of Climate Coaches provides an excellent opportunity for trainers and coaches to meet, share with and learn from peers about the latest training approaches around climate change, climate-friendly entrepreneurship, and systems innovation.

Meet the network

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