What is EIT Climate-KIC Education?

Learning and innovation are two sides of the same coin – together, they can accelerate change.

We want to transform the way people learn, equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to empower and enable them to tackle climate change in their communities.

We also believe education should be prioritised in communities most vulnerable to climate impacts –offering experiential and transformational learning experiences.

Our programme portfolio offers practical ways to drive meaningful systems innovation – we provide learning services, four strategic programmes and free online courses. Knowledge sharing and learning continues after our programmes, with our Network of Climate Coaches and the EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association.

OUR STRATEGIC PROGRAMMES Interested in sustainability and ramping up climate action in your community?

Europe’s largest summer school addressing climate change through innovation and entrepreneurship, Journey is a four-week programme teaching participants about climate action and providing hands-on business experience.

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Young Innovators

Educating future climate champions, Young Innovators provides systems innovation knowledge and skills to young people aged 12-18. Through partnerships with schools, cities, governments and industry, Young Innovators wants to empower 3 million young people by 2030, in Europe – and beyond.

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Using a systems innovation approach, Pioneers is a one-of-a-kind, tailored learning experience connecting professionals across Europe through a blended programme. Pioneers challenges participants to step out of their comfort zones and equips them with the tools needed to build a net-zero society in their communities.

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Climate Innovation Leadership


Offering university students a unique opportunity to gain new skills to tackle climate change and join a motivated community, Climate Innovation Leadership is a 1-2 year programme providing training on leadership, innovation and systems transformation.

Join our programme which empowers university students from all disciplines to become effective agents of change!

The Climate Innovation Leadership programme is built on experience and learnings from the EIT Climate-KIC Master School programme, and it can provide you with the set of skills you will need to lead change.

By the end of the programme, participants will have gained the ability to combine climate insights with new entrepreneurial and systems innovation skills.


UNLOCKING INNOVATION POTENTIAL We offer learning services focused on process design, facilitation and capability building

Our learning services

Cross-KIC Human Capital Project

Offering a space for Knowledge and Innovation Communities to collaborate and co-create on a range of themes, including education technologies, transformational learning delivery and enabling access to ecosystems

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A series of online and offline idea-hackathons happening all around the world during two days, focused on the future of education in the digital age

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EIT Cross-KIC Higher Education Capacity Building Initiative

Unlock institutions' innovation capacity by encouraging them to look at their own practices and guiding them to develop concrete actions to boost entrepreneurship in their ecosystems.

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Online Courses

Enhance your learning with our free online courses

Our courses cover a range of topics – from climate change impacts and science to innovation and entrepreneurship tools, sustainability reporting – and much more.

We are currently working on a new offering, courses which will be open to anyone interested in climate innovation. You will be able to sign up for courses and programmes, debate course content and share your knowledge and learning experience with peers and experts.

EIT Climate-KIC currently offers two free courses on the FutureLearn platform, focused on digital education.

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Network of Climate Coaches A unique community of trainers, experts, scientists, educators and coaches focused on capacity-building for climate action
A self-organised, global network

Network of Climate Coaches

EIT Climate-KIC’s Network of Climate Coaches is made up of 220+ professionals with vast experience delivering training sessions for university students, companies, public authorities and start-ups.

Members have access to an informative, knowledge-sharing online platform which includes regular meetings as well as training and coaching opportunities.

Providing an excellent opportunity to meet and learn about the latest training approaches for climate innovation, entrepreneurship and systems innovation, Network members are knowledgeable and collaborative lifelong learners, driven to make an impact using EIT Climate-KIC’s strategy, Transformation in Time.

Interested in joining?

Want to become a Climate Coach? We are looking for experienced coaches and trainers with at least one year’s experience, preferably in a pan-European or international context