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Who we are

EIT Climate-KIC is Europe’s leading climate innovation agency and community, supporting cities, regions, countries and industries to meet their climate ambitions through systems innovation and place-based transformations. 

A just, climate-resilient, beautiful future is within our reach. To get there we need a profound shift in mindsets and unprecedented collective action.  We need to be ambitious enough to change our ways of living and urgently transform whole places and industries. We need systems change now.   

Turning knowledge into climate movements
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450+ partners
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58,000 participants across our education activities since 2010
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6,000 alumni driving change since 2010
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5,000 citizens from over 100 cities worldwide participating in Climathon each year

Why we do this 

The social, political and environmental impacts associated with each tenth of a degree of temperature rise increase volatility and complexity, as well as opportunity. Isolated approaches and single-point solutions are not enough to address this.  

We must act now to achieve transformation at the scale and speed needed to impact the climate crisis, by testing, learning and sharing comprehensive, systemic climate change solutions. 

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A just, climate-resilient, beautiful and sustainable future is possible if we – the generations alive now – put our minds to it; and innovation is key to creating this future. 


EIT Climate-KIC’s mission is to catalyse systemic change for climate action through innovation. Our approach is holistic and systemic and place-based. We integrate sustainable economic development, social change, new institutions and technology solutions to advance climate mitigation, adaptation and environmental regeneration. We see these elements as interdependent. 


What we do

EIT Climate-KIC orchestrates place-based transformations that ground climate action at the local level. By prioritising solutions developed and implemented in local contexts, we build momentum and inspire action. We make systems transformation meaningful by enabling change in the places where people live and work, creating a positive feedback loop for change.  

Together with our partners, we generate, implement and integrate climate solutions by mobilising finance, testing business models, and opening pathways for institutional change and behavioural change.  

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Our history

We were created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2010 to be a knowledge innovation community (KIC) focused on climate change.  

Over the last decade, we have successfully collaborated with over 400 partners in 60 countries around the world, managing €80-100M annually in grant budgets to foster climate entrepreneurship, nurture education and learning, and drive innovation to mitigate climate change and enable adaptation.  


Some of our initiatives

Transforming ideas into climate-positive businesses
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2,100+ climate-positive companies incubated
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600+ innovative products launched to market, together with our start-ups and partners
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2.0bn+ capital rasied in external investment by our start-ups
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15,000 jobs created through our support and start-up community