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EIT Climate-KIC is Europe’s foremost climate innovation initiative. We understand that keeping global temperature rise below 1.5˚C demands unprecedented change. It requires new social dynamics, ways of doing business, policymaking, planning, and new ways of living and our diverse international team is working towards that goal. We base all our activities on our strategy Transformation, in time, which encompasses our mission, our goals and the path to achieve them..

Together, we are creating an organisation centred on impact, with distributed leadership, self-managing teams and focused on continuous learning. Every staff member contributes to making EIT Climate-KIC an inspiring and rewarding organisation to be a part of and that is why we are wholeheartedly committed to building an inclusive workplace that values different life experiences and perspectives. A flexible working environment and a project-based approach provide the conditions for innovation, development and growth.


How we show up every day

EIT Climate-KIC’s mission is to catalyse systemic change through innovation. Our Theory of Change is focused on empowering people to change systems – through exploration, experimentation and demonstration. And our approach assumes strategy is a process of active learning and continual evolution which sees innovation and learning as the most effective means to catalyse transformation in the face of uncertainty.  

There are four dimensions of capabilities important for every role in EIT Climate-KIC to achieve our mission.  

Our strategy focuses on the impact of our initiatives and actions. Impact is one of the core dimensions of our capability framework as our individual actions and behaviours contribute and come together to achieve organisational objectives.

We are acting as an orchestrator of systemic change, working with problem owners and different stakeholders – influence is the second of the dimensions, which describes how we work in the wider context of diverse points of views, relate to others in our work and take account of their perspectives. Our actions rely on experimentation, exploration and taking risks.

The third key factor is risk, and describes how we manage uncertainty, the way in which we take responsibility and make decisions. Sensemaking and learning is at heart of what we do, and is essential for us to be successful.

Growth describes how we learn and support others’ learning through challenges. 

Together with the functional skills and knowledge described for each role they capture what is necessary for successful performance and delivery of our new strategy.  

EIT Climate-KIC Capability Framework

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Policy Specialist – Climate Resilient Regions
31 Aug 2024
Policy Specialist – Climate Resilient Regions