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EIT Climate-KIC welcomes investors looking to work together on building a climate-positive new normal. That includes angel investors looking to invest in our start-ups and institutional investors looking to invest in large-scale value chain transformations. 

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Investing for 1.5C


A just, climate-resilient, beautiful future is possible. But to get there we need to invest in it. We need to create and connect solutions in integrated ways, and we urgently need to mobilise funds and investors who wish to bring that future into being.  

Investing for 1.5C is an initiative, led by EIT Climate-KIC, that works with a select group of committed impact investment funds to support businesses that will not only generate transformative climate impact, but will form the building blocks of a new economy. This is the type of regenerative and circular economy we need to limit climate change and begin to work on the overshoot challenge. 

UnaTerra Venture Capital Impact Fund  and Ship2B Ventures are the founding partners in the Investing for 1.5C initiative.  

EIT Climate-KIC leads the initiative and provides the partners with strategic guidance, climate impact advice and portfolio-shaping support. At the same time, UnaTerra and Ship2B Ventures each bring a unique focus on a different aspect of the climate innovation journey by looking at a particular sector, geography, or stage of development.  

By working collaboratively with a shared vision for impact, the initiative aims to unlock new possibilities for the exchange of knowledge, insights, and lessons on how to enable profoundly transformative innovations in business and economic models. 

UnaTerra Venture Capital Impact Fund  and Ship2B Ventures will join the EIT Climate-KIC community and provide further momentum to our implementation of the European Green Deal and Horizon Europe Innovation Missions. 

Ship2B Ventures is a founding partner in the initiative and brings a wealth of experience in impact investing in climate at the seed-stage. Limiting global warming requires rapid and far-reaching decarbonisation across how we live, how we eat and how we make things. These three sectors currently account for 70 per cent of global GHG emissions and yet attract only 25 per cent of venture capital investment – the majority of which is funnelled into later-stage innovations. Ship2B aim to address these sector and stage imbalances by bringing additional investment into early-stage start-ups in the European climate tech landscape. 

UnaTerra Venture Capital Impact Fund was born out of a common desire: to make the world a more sustainable place. Since its inception – using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for our investment strategy – they have been helping to create the next generation of industry leading impact businesses dedicated to solving the world’s toughest challenges, starting with preserving and restoring biodiversity while also mitigating climate change. 

Una Terra’s ambition is to not only invest capital, but also provide direct support and capabilities, education and leadership to companies that want to transform entire industries with commercial technology and innovation, with asset-light models that can be scaled through marketing, commercial introductions, partnerships, new market entry and accelerated go to market. 

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