The EIT Community New European Bauhaus (from now on, EIT Community NEB) aims at exploring, testing and scale-up new concepts for future ways of living, located at the crossroads between art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology. Led by EIT-Climate KIC and participated by EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility, it operates since 2021. The EIT Community NEB supports entrepreneurship and social activation to translate the NEB core values into concrete actions on the ground.

In particular, the EIT Community NEB social activation efforts encompass Citizen Engagement activities and Co-creation of innovative solutions, including their amplification the place of origin and/or their replication in new cities.

– The Citizen Engagement activities support citizens and end-users to identify relevant NEB challenges in their community and to come up with potential solutions. These activities are characterized by bringing together different social groups.
– The Co-Creation of public space through citizen engagement co-designs and implements solutions in a public space including one local or regional authority and various social groups.

The social activation activities are led by EIT Urban Mobility with the participation of EIT Climate-KIC and EIT Food. Since 2021, several competitive calls were launched annually to develop Citizen Engagement Activities and Co-creation of public space projects, resulting in 35 projects successfully implemented until the end of 2022. More annual Calls are planned at least until 2024.

The implemented projects tested the application of the NEB core values and principles to current global challenges, including climate, mobility, digital, health, and food aspects. As a result, new solutions that boost the transformation of our cities, peri-urban and rural areas were demonstrated. In particular, the projects helped citizens take up more sustainable habits, co-create new products, services or solutions, and empower community members to be agents of change.

We invite you to browse the conducted projects in each of these areas, and explore the lessons learns:

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