The Executive Team runs EIT Climate-KIC operationally. It is led by an Executive Board comprising members including Kirsten Dunlop and Marc Weissgerber. (12)

Dr Kirsten Dunlop

Chief Executive Officer Dr Kirsten Dunlop

Marc Weissgerber

Chief Financial Officer Marc Weissgerber (13)

Dominic Hofstetter

Acting Chief Operating Officer Dominic Hofstetter (14)

Mike Cherrett

Director of External Partnerships Mike Cherrett (19)

Tom Mitchell

Chief Strategy Officer Tom Mitchell (6)

Gina Lovett

Acting Director of Communications Gina Lovett (10)

Chris Hutton

Director of Human Resources (11)

Gush Uppal

Director of Finance
Anna White Bio Photo – 7 Feb 2018 (2)

Anna White

General Counsel Anna White (2)

Mary Ritter

International Ambassador Mary Ritter (5)

Line Gry Knudsen

Acting Director of Education Line Gry Knudsen (9)

Sira Saccani

Theme Director, Sustainable Production Systems Sira Saccani (4)

Riyong Kim

Acting Director, Decision Metrics and Finance Riyong Kim (15)

Sean Lockie

Theme Director, Urban Transitions Sean Lockie (16)

Daniel Zimmer

Theme Director, Sustainable Land Use Daniel Zimmer (17)

Tom Bakkum

Director, Climate-KIC Benelux Tom Bakkum (7)

Susanne Pedersen

Director, Climate-KIC Nordic Susanne Pedersen (21)

Thanh-Tâm Le

Director, Climate-KIC France Thanh-Tâm Le
Dr Jackie Homan

Dr Jackie Homan

Interim Director, Climate-KIC UK & Ireland Dr Jackie Homan

Angelica Monaco

Director, Climate-KIC Italy Angelica Monaco (3)

Jose-Luis Munyoz

Director, Climate-KIC Spain Jose-Luis Munyoz (20)

Meret Brotbek

Acting Director, Climate-KIC DACH Meret Brotbek (8)

Caroline Regan

Head of Business Planning & Grant Management Caroline Regan
Marco van der Ree

Marco van der Ree

Director, Business Development and Fundraising Marco van der Ree (22)

Felicity Creighton Spors

Executive Officer Felicity Creighton Spors