EIT Climate-KIC at COP24

Katowice, Poland
3-14 December 2018

Representatives from EIT Climate-KIC will be joining heads of state, CEOs, policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs, investors and policy experts at the 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from 3 December.

EIT Climate-KIC is at COP24 to highlight the importance of catalysing a shift in the financial sector to achieve transformative change to meet the challenge of climate change.

As Europe’s main climate innovation initiative, EIT Climate-KIC will be sharing how we work to bring the right partners together at the right time, to address how to create systemic impact in the financial system through innovation. With finance as a ‘systems driver’, representatives will discuss how the organisation is working with the climate innovation community to find the best ways to ‘nudge’ the financial system across its portfolio of activities in four work areas – urban transitions, sustainable land use, sustainable production systems, and decision metrics and finance. 

The public-private partnership will share its nine years of experience and learnings and explain where it sees opportunities for innovation to make a real and tangible impact towards shifting financial systems. That includes discussing how to support cities to leverage additional finance and identifying new options for policymakers, the private sector and citizens for supporting the shift towards a zero-carbon, climate resilient society. 

The core purpose of COP24 will be to provide a structured space for Governments from across the world to assess the efforts made to achieve the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement.


Mission Finance

EIT Climate-KIC will be hosting a cross-section of events, with a focus on its Mission Finance campaign which was launched at the Climate Innovation Summit in Dublin in November.

Read more about the Mission Finance campaign here.

EIT Climate-KIC in Central and Eastern Europe

Europe’s main climate innovation initiative, EIT Climate-KIC, has recently expanded its presence in central and eastern Europe (CEE), which is where this year’s climate talks are hosted. EIT Climate-KIC now has operations in Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia, following growing interest in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and supports local efforts to tackle specific local challenges for the CEE region.

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