COP24: Blockchain and other disruptive technologies

Katowice, Poland
18:30-20:00, 5 December 2018

Unleashing the potential for climate action

Venue: Room Vienna, EU Pavilion

EIT Climate-KIC is at COP24 to highlight the importance of catalysing a shift in the financial sector to achieve transformative change to meet the challenge of climate change.

As Europe’s main climate innovation initiative, EIT Climate-KIC will be sharing how we work to bring the right partners together at the right time, to address how to create systemic impact in the financial system through innovation. With finance as a ‘systems driver’, representatives will discuss how the organisation is working with the climate innovation community to find the best ways to ‘nudge’ the financial system across its portfolio of activities in four work areas – urban transitions, sustainable land use, sustainable production systems, and decision metrics and finance. 

(Event-specific information adapted from http://ec.europa.eu/clima/events/0124/calendar_en.htm#schedule)



  • EIT Climate-KIC
  • Climate Ledger Initiative
  • Gold Standard

Event info

This side event will provide an overview of the current and potential use of blockchain and other disruptive technologies (e.g. IoT/Internet of Things, sensors and Artificial Intelligence) to unlock resources and finance for climate action – both in mitigation and adaptation. 

We will explore:

  • How blockchain can increase the supply of green funding and foster action, create trust and transparency to give access to a wider range of decentralised mitigation action, climate finance and green investments, increase automation and reliability of financial and impact reporting, and attract private sector participation. 
  • How finance in the form of investment funds and bonds, as well as insurance coverage, can harness disruptive technology such as blockchain in designing responsive premium pricing, bond ratings or forecast-based instruments, that incentivise climate-smart risk reduction and adaptation.
  • Cases that illustrate the existing and potential ways these technologies can and are being used globally.


  • Marion Verles; Gold Standard
  • Climate Ledger Initiative
  • Cecilia Repinski; Stockholm Green Digital Finance
  • Maarten van Aalst; Red Cross Climate Centre
  • Rohan Hamden; XDI Cross Dependency Initiative
  • Harlad Rauter; EIT Climate-KIC
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