Supporting the transition of high-emitting regions to zero-carbon innovation hotspots

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The challenge

Prosperous regions often rely on industry for their success. However, industrial clusters are oftentimes very energy and resource intensive, with significant greenhouse gas emissions and a high dependence on resource availability. At the same time, regional clusters have high potential to enhance resource efficiency, circular economy approaches and industrial symbiosis.

Achieving carbon neutrality in energy and resource-intensive industrial regions requires innovations of production processes and business cases. This transformation carries a perceived risk of negative economic and social impacts on communities, which can lead to resistance of policy makers, businesses and civil society in these regions, hindering innovation and substantially slowing down climate action.

It is key to approach the transformation of regions proactively and demonstrate lower-emissions pathways considering the local socio-economic situation. By doing this, transformation risks will be reduced and decarbonisation can go hand in hand with economic development.

What we do

The Re-Industrialise programme will support public authorities, development agencies and companies within energy and resource-intensive European industrial regions in the planning, development and roll-out of their transition towards a low-carbon economy.

The transformation pathways will specifically aim at maximising economic, environmental and social opportunities. The Flagship will support innovative solutions at the interface of economic development and decarbonisation.

What we offer

We believe that the ecosystem of actors within high emitting regions can reduce their emissions and meet environmental targets, while simultaneously improving economic, employment, and social wellbeing.
EIT Climate-KIC and the Flagship consortium are here to support key players in industrial areas and regions to uptake sustainable transition pathways by:

  • Identifying new markets and potential transition opportunities
  • Quantifying the business potential for a specific region, industrial area or city
  • Providing an opportunity to network with relevant organisations in the region to help transitions move forward
  • Creating the space to share and learn from others undergoing similar transitions
  • Helping create a start-up ecosystem to develop innovations that supports the transition
  • Customised training opportunities that enable stakeholders to steer and manage the transition phases

In addition, Re-Industrialise offers funding opportunities for regional projects to foster their low-carbon transformation. Twice a year Climate-KIC opens a Call for Proposals for partners to bring forward their project ideas.

Join us

Whether you are a local authority, regional development agency, industrial site or business, Re-Industrialise can support you to find tailored solutions to your industrial transition challenge.

We invite you to join us for a webinar on 5 September 2018 to prepare your project proposals for Re-Industrialise: Rebooting regional economies and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

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