Just Transformations

Many regions and people across Europe still rely on economies that are incompatible with tackling climate change. These can be coal producing regions, or regions with polluting heavy industries. People and economies engaged in these sectors are therefore highly vulnerable during the transition to a decarbonised future.

Inclusivity, and climate, social, economic and democratic justice are vital to the success of rapid structural change. EIT Climate-KIC’s deep demonstration will build into a Just Transformation movement, with the aim of demonstrating that such just transformations are indeed possible. We are working with pioneering and ambitious challenge owners across Europe to achieve democratic and inclusive transformations of whole regions. The movement will put the voices of citizens, workers and youth at the core of regional economic transformation. Our first partners include regional governments in Silesia in Poland, Mondragon in Spain and Emilia Romagna, Italy.

Explore. . . Find out more about the people and places involved in Just Transformations. Keep visiting this page for new content from EIT Climate-KIC and from the many partners involved in this demonstration.

EIT Climate-KIC | 23 January 2020 Net zero requires, just, inclusive and radical transformations
Net zero requires, just, inclusive and radical transformations