EIT Climate-KIC releases its business plan for 2019

“Preventing catastrophic climate change and achieving the ‘well below 2°C’ Paris Agreement target requires a speed of decarbonisation at least six times faster than anything the global community has achieved so far. Yet time is running out. Continuing to work through gradual, incremental changes will not be enough. We need innovation, and at this stage we need innovation to stimulate a fundamental transformation of economic, social and financial systems that will trigger exponential change in decarbonisation rates and resilience to climate change.”

This is the key message from EIT Climate-KIC’s business plan for 2019: a call for transformational climate action and breakthrough innovation at the systems level.

The EIT Climate-KIC Business Plan 2019 is produced by EIT Climate-KIC and submitted to EIT for the purposes of the annual EIT Business Plan cycle. It is in a format specified by EIT and describes at a strategic overview of the proposed plans and portfolio of activities for 2019.

Read the business plan

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