Confusion and Crisis: Centring justice and demanding accountability to tackle climate change

Welcome back to season 3 of How Could We? 

Inspired by conversations we had with experts about the climate emergency, this season we’re digging into three themes that occupy the minds of many people in the climate change community. We’re going to be talking about Climate Narratives, Confusion and Crisis and Radical Collaboration.

In this second episode we talk to Tonny Nowshin, a Bangladeshi economist currently based in Berlin. Tonny is also a degrowth and climate justice advocate, who focuses on centring the concept of justice in the climate movement. 

In this wide-ranging conversation, Tonny talks about how the economic theory driving global decision-making disregards planetary boundaries, as well as her work with The Sunrise Project, which is trying to move investments away from fossil fuels. 

Tonny also discussed the role of degrowth as a transformative solution for climate change – and other crises – the importance of creating accountability before a crisis hits and how Buddhist peace activist Thích Nhất Hạnh has inspired her life and her work.

This episode was presented by Anne-Sophie Garrigou & Stephanie Klotz and produced by Bárbara Mendes-Jorge.