Climate Narratives: How can art reinvigorate the climate movement and inspire action? with Neha Misra

Welcome back to season 3 of How Could We? 

Inspired by conversations we had with experts about the climate emergency, this season we’re digging into three themes that occupy the minds of many people in the climate change community and beyond. We’re going to be talking about Climate Narratives, Confusion & Crisis and Radical Collaboration.

Climate Narratives with Neha Misra

In this first episode, we talk to Neha Misra, a storyteller, climate justice advocate and a visual artist. We ask Neha how we can build stories of a future worth living in, talk about how art helps us tell the story of climate change, and discuss the importance of including – and valuing – the work of artists and diverse voices. 

In this incredible interview, Neha thoughtfully shares her experiences and sources of inspiration. She says, “It is not ironic that we’re living in a burning world with burnout human beings.”  

We especially recommend listening to the end of the episode, as Neha shares her beautiful, eye-watering poem, “Enough”.

Check out Neha’s website and find out more about her work, including at The OpEd Project and Remote Energy


In this episode, Neha also mentions:

This episode was presented by Anne-Sophie Garrigou & Stephanie Klotz and produced by Bárbara Mendes-Jorge.

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