Boosting Climate Innovation in European regions with modest to moderate innovation rates

Introduced in 2014, the Regional Innovation Scheme was created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)  to bridge the existing innovation gap between different European countries. The programme stemmed from a structured outreach scheme for all EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) to support the integration of the so-called Knowledge Triangle (research, education and innovation), and increase innovation capacity in regions with little pre-established presence to tackle the climate emergency. 

The EIT Climate-KIC Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) is our flagship initiative active in Southern, Central and Eastern European countries where we do not operate through office structures. It facilitates connectivity with our established innovation Hubs, ensuring EIT Climate-KIC’s pan-European reach and boosting climate innovation capacity across the continent. 

The EIT RIS programme is designed as a long-term initiative to strengthen the national and regional innovation ecosystems of countries that are moderate and emerging innovators, based on the EU Innovation Scorecard.

Our goal is to stimulate low carbon innovation in countries, regions, and cities across Europe, and significantly boost local capacity to implement the highest impact ideas, while reinforcing synergies and complementarities with EU, national, regional innovation initiatives and funding sources. It is a strategic instrument to target the climate mitigation and adaptation needs and challenges while enabling regional development. 

The programme offers a concrete way to design, build and deliver mission-oriented portfolios of interconnected programmes on skills development and learning, entrepreneurship and innovation to: 

  • catalyse fast decarbonisation.
  • deliver future-proof jobs.
  • generate new markets aligned to 1.5º.
  • drive forward adaptation and resilience. 
13 RIS Hubs
54 RIS Entities
58 innovation projects lead by RIS partners
+500 start-ups involved
+7000 stakeholders actively involved

What we offer in EIT RIS countries

Capacity Building

Learning by doing and cultivating and attracting talent, professional development and re-skilling for the future of work with a focus on real-life challenges are essential to create a climate resilient future, while helping to increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of regional economies.

Young Innovators

Pioneers into Practice

Climate Leadership Journey

Business Development

Our entrepreneurship programmes identify, support and invest in entrepreneurs through every stage of innovation, helping them achieve success and commercial scale.



Innovation Ecosystem

Our innovation support covers policy co-creation, matchmaking, and community labs that assess the specific country needs. It is based on enabling connections to design, work and make sense of a portfolio of connected actions to leverage impact in each specific ecosystem.

Community Lab

Transitions Hub

Being part of
EIT Climate-KIC
RIS Community

Our place-based transformation agents: EIT Climate-KIC Hubs.

Selected through an open call, EIT Climate-KIC Hubs are our regional ‘focal points’ in EIT RIS countries which act as innovation community catalysts. EIT Climate-KIC Hubs – whose members can be partners or external organisations and are composed of organisations representing the business sector, education, public and civil society – have been designed to serve the twofold purpose of being local knowledge brokers for innovation and promote the Knowledge Triangle locally. 

These organisations are key players in their national innovation eco-systems and gather strong regional outreach and experience in co-designing capacity building programmes, supporting entrepreneurs, liaising with local, regional and national authorities and connecting to wider society. 

You can find more information on each Hub here:




Czech Republic

Czech Republic