Urban Transitions Workshop IV

Malaga, Spain
12-14 September 2018

Discover fresh thinking and explore new territories to drive climate innovation

To achieve systemic change on climate change at scale, sticking to business as usual won’t cut it. We need to design bold experiments that explore new territories and allow us to accelerate our learning in areas beyond our comfort zone. Join us for an Urban Transitions Workshop where we will do just that.

By thinking of EIT Climate-KIC projects as a portfolio of carefully designed experiments that allow us to explore new, at times contradictory hypotheses, we can grow our collective understanding of complex issues related to climate change and unlock new understanding.

Personal and organisational learning will be accelerated, and the community will develop as a whole. Then we can be confident that the solutions and services we create will deliver the greatest climate benefit and usher in the great transition.

Why participate in the Urban Transitions Workshop?

Take part in this workshop to be inspired by fresh thinking and to explore new territories through learning how to design bold experiments and projects that push beyond the boundaries of everyday practise. Share progress being made across our collective innovation projects and strategic programmes. Connect with other partners and build relationships to help you deliver your goals in 2019 and beyond.

What to expect

  1. Meet with over 100 collaborators from across our partner community
  2. Be inspired by special guests and our own new Director of Community Management, Giulio Guaggiotto
  3. Engage with city leaders from across Europe to design ambitious experiments and interventions to support transformation at scale
  4. Join a special session led by the City of Málaga on their ambition to shift to clean urban mobility

The Urban Transitions Workshop IV builds upon three previous workshops held in Paris, Malmö, and Bologna. We are pleased to be invited to Malaga by Mayor Francisco de la Torre Prados.


Who is it for

This workshop is for all EIT Climate-KIC partners who want to explore areas of opportunity in the mission to accelerate the transition of cities to a low carbon resilient economy. Professionals from across Europe are invited to join including those from municipal authorities, private sector corporations, start-ups, SMEs, academics, research and civil society institutions.

The workshop is organised in partnership with the Municipality of Malaga.


Tentative programme

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