Blue Green Dream

Using water and vegetation together to make our cities more liveable

In cities extreme temperatures and weather are occurring with increasing frequency. The restoration and redevelopment of integrated ‘blue’ and ‘green’ infrastructure could help to reduce the impact of such events and simultaneously increase the value of the land. Blue Green Dream (BGD) aims to develop the service infrastructure to implement the use of this adaptation solution.

Soaring temperatures and extreme weather are having a significant impact on cities. The effects of urban heat islands and uncontrolled or inadequately planned urbanisation are amplifying the combined stresses on urban life. The reduction of green space and urban water corridors, are arguably one of the drivers. City decision makers, urban planners and water engineers should consider how water systems and vegetated areas can be better integrated together to make cities more habitable and resilient in spite of climate change.

Download the Blue Green Solutions guide HERE.

Blue Green Dream (BGD)
Project Type

Innovation – Develops and brings to market climate relevant knowledge, products and services

Project Partners

Imperial College London
Alterra – Wageningen UR
Bosch Slabbers
Ecole des Ponts et Chaussee (ENPC)
Prof Dr Sieker mbH
Institute of Sustainability
Studio Exter
Technische Universitat
Berlin (TU Berlin)
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
Veolia Environnement

Project Location

Pan European, co-ordinated from the UK

Project Start Date
July 2012

Sustainable cities