Week six on the #ClimateJourney16

As our Journey students finish the sixth week of their summer school we take a look back at what they’ve been up to in Trondheim and London. 

More than 220 students from over 45 countries, representing 50 disciplines, are currently taking part in Europe’s largest climate change education programme – the Climate-KIC summer school.

The Journey summer school is an introduction to the world of climate change entrepreneurship. The students learn about making decisions, pushing boundaries, getting out of their comfort zone, improving performance and reinforcing their confidence. Set over 13 locations across Europe, this year’s programme is Climate-KIC’s largest summer school and is divided into six separate groups. Each group travels to three different locations gaining insight and experience from a selection of Europe’s best universities and most innovative businesses. 

After an introduction into climate change and entrepreneurship the students will start work on forming their own climate change business idea. Last week the last two streams of the Journey spent their first week in Trondheim, Norway and London, UK.

Smarter greener Trondheim

Journey students last week were treated to a visit from Trondheim’s Deputy Mayor, Hilde Opoku, who spoke to the students about plans to make the city of Trondheim smarter and greener. 

Candle transport challenge

The students in Trondheim also took part in a rapid prototyping challenge to transport a candle!

Global Calculator

Meanwhile students in London have been introduced to the Global Calculator, a great tool which is a model of the world’s energy, land and food systems that allows users to explore the options for reducing global emissions to 2050, and to see the climate consequences of these choices to 2100.

 Sustainable Architecture

Whilst in London the students went on a sustainable architecture tour, visiting key buildings in and round the city.

Check out some of the photos taken so far:

Journey Summer School #ClimateJourney16

Social media

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