Five Climate-KIC climate champions nominated for EIT awards

The 2016 EIT Awards will be hosted next week at the EIT Innovation Forum, InnovEIT and five Climate-KIC climate champions have been nominated for awards.

The objectives of the EIT Awards are to promote innovation and encourage entrepreneurship by putting the most innovative ventures, entrepreneurial graduates and innovation teams emerging from the KICs in the spotlight and to create role models to drive future change.

There are three awards available; the Venture Award highlighting succuessful start-ups, the Change Award which celebrates education programme graduates and the Innovators Award which recognises innovation teams.

Within the list of nominees is a selection of Climate-KIC graduates, entrepreneurs and innovators:

  • Alexandra Nouillas for the project Fully Optimised and Reliable Emissions Tool (FOREST) – Innovators Award
  • Chris Emmott, PhD student, for ‘Bringing New Photovoltaic Technologies to Africa’ – Change Award
  • Florian Schneider for start-up Nerdalize – Venture Award
  • Norbert Kuipers for project WE4CC-II – Utilising waste and renewable heat for clean water production and indoor air control – Innovators Award
  • Rolf Kersten for project Solar Container – Venture Award

You can find out more information about the awards and innovation forum by going to the InnovEIT website.