Collaborative partnership between Construction21 and Climate-KIC project Eurbanlab

Construction21 and Climate-KIC project Eurbanlab  have signed a collaborative partnership to launch a comprehensive showcasing service for the European sustainable building sector.

The two organisations joined forces to increase best practice dissemination and the exposure of innovations for sustainable cities. With the support of EU’s largest innovation and technology fund, Climate-KIC, Eurbanlab has established itself as a rapidly growing social enterprise and is branching out to other European cities.

Throughout Europe, innovative solutions are developed that increase the sustainability of the built environment. Numerous solutions have been developed, including financial, technical and process innovations. “However, the uptake of innovative solutions and their upscaling has been slow”, says Roger Toussaint, managing director of Eurbanlab. “There is a need for mutual-learning and the sharing of international examples of best practice in sustainable construction. By joining forces with Construction21, we increase the network in which best practices are shared. In doing so, we offer solution providers a better access to the sustainable construction market”.

“Europe is a breeding ground for innovative solutions”, says Véronique Pappe, managing director of Construction21. “However, businesses need the European market to implement solutions at larger scales. With this partnership, we can offer solutions providers an additional service to promote their their best practices”. By joining forces, the two organisations combine specific services and products to launch a comprehensive Showcasing service for the European sustainable construction sector. ‘Showcase publications’ – a mixture between an interview, a project description and a glossy brochure – highlight the sustainability of a construction project, the innovative solutions and lessons learned.

Moreover, a short case study is added to a large online database of sustainable construction projects. Additionally, the organisations offer the creation of a ‘Showcase video’ to solutions providers. The video is a mixture between a video-interview and a project analysis, describing the building and its sustainability aspects in detail. The Showcasing service is developed for sustainability professionals and solution providers. By connecting solution providers with end-users, and enabling them to discover, promote and develop new ways of sustainable construction, the partners aim to accelerate the transition towards low-carbon climate resilient cities.

Click here for the press release on the website of Eurbanlab.