Climate-KIC to support new e-mobility smart grid public-private partnership

A new Berlin-based project linking e-mobility and smart grids will be supported by Climate-KIC Germany. 

The project is part of a series of new public-private partnerships that were announced at Berlin’s EUREF-Campus, home to Climate-KIC Germany, earlier this month. 

The campus welcomed 130 guests from science, politics and business to celebrate the launch of three new research ventures funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. 

All three of the Research Campus Projects are public–private partnerships and cover a variety of future subjects, such as smart homes, smart grids or smart mobility. 

Climate-KIC support 

One of the projects, Mobility2Grid, is supported by Climate-KIC and combines research on future urban transportation such as e-mobility, sharing systems and fleet operations concepts with the advantages of smart grid solutions. 

The goal is to develop sustainable solutions to face the questions of the German energy transition, for example to increase net stability in using vehicles as an energy storage system. 

Climate-KIC supports Mobility2Grid with the knowledge of its community by including the European perspective of possible e-mobility and smart grid solutions. 

Climate-KIC will also help with the development of business cases and education and entrepreneurship programs 

Living Lab in Berlin

The concept of Mobility2Grid will be tested and demonstrated as a ‘living lab’ together with Climate-KIC and its partners on Berlin’s EUREF-Campus.

One of the main goals is to reduce carbon dioxide by connecting renewable energy production and storage with e-mobility solutions in one local smart grid system.

For more information, please see the EUREF press release (German).