Climate-KIC CEO signs ACT Declaration on Private Sector Climate Action and Leadership at COP22

Climate-KIC’s CEO, Ian Short, signed the ACT Declaration last week at COP22. 

The declaration calls for private sector climate action and leadership to reach the targets set in the Paris Agreement, now ratified by 109 countries. 

Climate-KIC has joined the likes of CDP, Climate Check, the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, ADEME, Lloyd’s Register, The B Team, We Mean Business, 2 Degrees Investing Initiative, Golden for Sustainability and Association Bilan Carbone in signing such an agreement during COP22. 

By signing the declaration, the organisations are sending a strong public signal for the need to hold stakeholders accountable for their approach to a low-carbon transition and to accelerate the timelines of action.

The ACT project (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) was developed by ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, and CDP, the not-for-profit organisation that runs the global disclosure system for managing environmental impacts. The ACT initiative assesses the degree to which organisations are ready to transition to a low-carbon economy, using a sector specific methodology. Signing the declaration sends a clear signal of the willingness to work towards a number of common goals, which include: improving the transparency of meaningful climate related disclosures for the private sector, namely those pertaining to the characterisation of their climate actions.