Big Data for Cyclists Workshop: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is world-renowned as the city for cyclists but the city itself believes there is room for improvement.  There are still challenges with daily traffic management which could be solved by an increased understanding of cyclist behaviour and movement through the city. To do this they need to collect Big Data and analyse it for insights which will lead to better decisions and strategic planning. 

This proposal from Copenhagen was an idea which drew good audience support and received an ideation grant from Climate-KIC Nordic in January alongside another 16 partner projects. 

They are putting the money awarded to good use by kick starting their project with a workshop on Monday 20 February at the House of Innovation in Copenhagen. 

Over 70 experts who focus on technology, cycling, ITS or data are already participating. The goal being to find ways to gather real time big data on cyclist flows, travel times and routes, providing insight into how and when cyclists are riding through the city. This doesn’t yet exist in either the quantity or the quality necessary.

They also have big ambitions, to export a solution to other cities such as Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and New York that also want improvement to their bicycling infrastructure.
New and maybe even disruptive approaches to gathering cyclist data are sought. 

Participants will be encouraged to cooperate on creating different solutions and, in a true Climate-KIC process, the best will be selected and used to apply for further funding as a Climate-KIC Pathfinder project. 

It’s not too late to sign up!  Download the Bicycle Big Data Workshop invitation to see who to contact.