Climetrics is an independent fund rating which enables investors to integrate climate impact into their investment decisions.

The Problem

The equity fund market – worth more than €3 trillion in Europe – could be a significant lever for mitigating climate change. But, despite fast-growing demand for climate-conscious investing, there has been no rating system to allow investors to compare the climate risk in investments, such as entrenched investment in fossil fuels or lack of climate change strategy.

The Solution

Climetrics, launched in June 2017, is a unique fund-rating scheme providing the world’s first independent climate impact analysis of investment funds using a holistic, rules-based and transparent approach.

It uses the most up-to-date information to allow investors to integrate climate risk factors into fund selection and monitoring in a transparent, effective and cost-efficient way.

By using Climetrics’ data, asset managers can use climate risk information to create new low-carbon funds and shift money towards lower-carbon assets.

The Impact

Climetrics will rate more than 5,000 equity funds worldwide representing over €2.5 trillion in assets – a significant lever of change in redirecting investment towards low – carbon assets.

EIT Climate KIC’s role

EIT Climate-KIC recognised Climetrics’ potential, the financial expertise, strength and climate mission of its consortium comprising core partners CDP and Institutional Shareholder Services. Our workshops and masterclasses helped develop the business model, while our support and network helped Climetrics to reach new audiences in the policy arena.

For more information visit Climetrics.