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Bionic wood for the cities of the 21st century

Woodoo’s patented technology has resulted from 5 years of research in partnership with some of the most prestigious universities (Harvard, MIT, WYSS Institute). The outcome is a new wood material, waterproof, 300% stiffer, fire-retardant and translucent. Grounded on the circular economy, this material is about to make a change in the construction industry, tackling tomorrow’s zero net carbon cities.

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When the planet is home to the almost 12 billion people that the UN calculates will inhabit the Earth by the year 2100, where will they live? In less than 15 years, the organization estimates that there will be 3 billion people in need of proper housing worldwide. Furthermore, in 2016, the construction is responsible for 2.5B tons of CO2 emissions. Therefore, sustainable solutions should be found to create new housing more quickly and efficiently. Wood is an attractive material to build the cities of tomorrow as it is the only construction material that stores CO2 as well as is 100% renewable, but it has inherent limits: it burns, it rots, it has limited mechanical resistance and it is expensive.

Through a patented innovative process, WOODOO rebuilds wood’s cellular matrix to overcome these limits and transform it into one of the most performative material of the 21st century, to be applied primarily in the construction industry.

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