LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

Forecasting the weather at unrivaled precision

Whiffle uses a unique technology in weather forecasting to produce ultra-high resolution weather forecasts for the renewable energy sector. Forecasts are essential to the integration of renewable power generation in electricity markets operations. 

The level of detail of the atmospheric simulation model that Whiffle employs, allows it to explicitly model fine scale processes like cloud formation, turbulence, land-sea interactions and flows around obstacles. By coupling Whiffle’s fine-scale atmospheric model to a large-scale forecast, Whiffle is able to produce local weather forecasts of unprecedented detail and accuracy.

Whiffle has solved the formidable computational burden of these simulations by running them on graphical processing units (GPUs): extremely fast video cards that were originally designed for gaming applications. Whiffle is currently unique in the world to use an atmospheric model that runs entirely on GPUs, making it the first small-scale model that is fast enough to be used in forecast mode.


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Remco Verzijlbergh