ViriCiti B.V.

LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

Influencing energy consumption


ViriCiti aims to strongly participate in the transition to electric city buses in Europe resulting in a decrease of local air pollution and CO2 emissions.

City buses operate in a variety of circumstances. Dense traffic, high passenger count or extreme cold may cause unanticipated energy drain. Pro-active energy management ensures 100% reliable operation, even at highly critical situations.

ViriCiti offers an off-site pro-active vehicle energy management system which remotely monitors and influences energy consumption of electrically driven buses. By dynamically adapting driver behavior, influencing interior climate, intelligent charge cycles and vehicle routing,

ViriCiti provides the missing element for full adoption of electric driven city buses. Bus operators can use electric buses instead of conventional buses without compromising on driving performance or functionality while lowering total cost of ownership.

ViriCiti has been a participant in the US Start-up Tour 2014.



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