The Odds

LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

'Uniquely shaped fruits & vegetables'

Surplus fruits and vegetables
One-third of all of the food is wasted in the Netherlands. This amounts to 4.6 billion euros per year. The online service The Odds connects the demand and supply side of surplus fruits and vegetables: hospitality enterprises and farmers.

Uniquely shaped
Second class fruits and vegetables are now often not used for human consumption because they differ in shape, size or colour, excluding them from the buying contracts with supermarkets and wholesale markets. 

Restaurants and caterers are seeking for ways to be more sustainable, but often think that buying the more expensive organic food is the only option. The Odds provides them with access to quality surplus fruits and vegetables and therewith enables them to save money on ingredients and purchase more sustainably. In this way, The Odds becomes the necessary intermediate between the amount of available surplus at farmers level and the smaller quantities needed in hospitality. 


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Fiona Jongejans