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Zero waste circular economy: closing the gap

teCH4+ patented technology converts waste into biogas and an organic fertilizer, closing the circular economy loop and tackling world priorities such as water sanitation, renewable energy and climate change. The validated business model, based on selling turnkey plants, is highly scalable because of the standard plant sizes and the modular plug & play approach.

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teCH4+ patented technology converts organic wastes (e.g. sewage sludge) into a biogas that displaces fossil fuels and an organic fertilizer that closes the circular economy loop. Its impact is massive as it tackles key UN priorities such as water sanitation, renewable energy, smart cities and climate change.

Our validated business model is based on selling turnkey plants and it is highly scalable because we use standard plant sizes and a modular plug and play approach.

We are ready to sell, but the feedback we get from potential clients is that before they buy they want to see a real installation. To overcome this limitation we need to build a demo plant that we can showcase to our clients. Hopefully the Venture Competition can help us with that and be the stepping stone we need to reach full commercialization.

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