LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

Leading the protein revolution

Sunchem is an industrial research and development company, applying genetic and recombinant DNA to plants for energy and human purposes.

Sunchem is developing a non-nicotine non-GMO tobacco variety, named Solaris, into a novel source of protein and biofuel. This nicotine-free Solaris yields 3-4 times the protein per hectare than Soy, with oil and fibre as additional high value-adding co-products.

Given population growth, reductions in arable land and climate change, it offers a more sustainable way of producing high quality protein for food and feed. A hardy crop able to thrive in many environments, Solaris is a viable alternative to smoking tobacco – the largest agricultural export of several African countries. Further, from a European perspective, local production would be able to significantly reduce imports of Soy from South America, but with a fraction of the land-use.


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Hayo De Feijter