Stoov B.V.

LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

We warm people

Stoov warms people instead of air with heated cushions.

A stoov cushion provides comfortable warmth in a chilly place by providing the right amount of heat at the right moment, the right location and the right spot.

Stoov is born out of wonder and curiosity on how we use traditional heating methods. Stoove believes there are other ways to provide a comfort and warmth. It is their ambition to make a huge step forward to an energy-efficient world. Therefore we challenge the way heating systems work fundamentally.
Stoov eliminates the inefficient step of warming air before warming people. Therefore Stoov is about providing warmth and comfort to those who need it, when they need it. Without wasting energy.

A stoov cushion contains a heating element, a smart control unit and a rechargeable battery pack. You can use stoov on any location, indoor or (semi-) outdoor, without any installation required. Stoov saves up to 90% energy in comparison to traditional heating systems for terraces and churches.


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Teun van Leijsen