StexFibers B.V.

LOCATION The Netherlands

Hemp for High Quality Textiles

Spillage of fresh water ( 20.000Liter/kg) and the use of insecticides/pesticides are extreme when growing cotton. Growing Hemp reduces water usage by 95%, and no chemicals are needed. We therefore developed a technique to refine Hemp  fibers, so they can be used for high quality textiles. Furthermore Hemp  fibers are stronger, softer, better absorbing and breathing, and are anti-bacterial.

Technically we have a proof of concept; on lab scale, textiles have been produced. The validation of our business model looks so promising that we plan to upscale, via a (semi pilot-) plant in the 2nd half of 2014. We feel confident that we will achieve delivering a product to many customers with up to date characteristics, and by doing so will grab a substantial part of the € 200 billion market size, and reduce  the 5000 billion M3 of fresh water spillage.


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