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LOCATION Bø i Telemark, Norway
AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

Standard Bio produces and sells sustainable fertilisers, competitive and compatible with current solutions.

Standard Bio is producing a composting additive which makes wet animal manure compostable, hence recycling the nutrients in the manure. The finished compost is then bought and refined into a very efficient fertiliser without harmful effects on the environment. It sequesters carbon in the soil and gives the fields a larger water holding capacity which is important when adapting to climate change. 

Conventional fertiliser products are harmful for the environment, based on fossil resources and degrades the soil. Organic fertilisers are criticised for producing crop yields that are too low to sustain the growing global demand for food. Moreover, they are often bulky and difficult to transport and handle. 

Standard Bio creates fertiliser products that are competitive and compatible with current products and practices and has the additional benefits of building topsoil and protecting against plant diseases. With a healthy soil, it is not necessary to make forests and wetlands into farmland, because the soil you are already cultivating will give high yields.

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