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Profit from Space

SpaceInvader is a mobile, flexible and handy pallet rack that enables double stacking of Euro pallets, maximizing use of space at trucks and warehouses.

Did you know that 500 million standard Euro pallets are used in 4 billion transports a year in Europe alone? At the same time 85% of all trucks are not using their full capacity – driving around with unused space.

The problem is handling of the goods – because of difficulty in stacking the pallets. We have solved this with the handy pallet rack we call the SpaceInvader. You can now double-stack the pallets – and because the pallet rack is portable it creates full flexibility in the entire supply chain.

The SpaceInvader gives extra space at warehousing; cuts handling and loading time significantly at terminals and can double truck loads, thereby removing trucks from the roads. This has the overall potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%.

The SpaceInvader opens up for a new double-stacking standard – stacking the un-stackable. The SpaceInvader is patented. 

So to put it short: SpaceInvader makes “Profit from Space” – and we do it in the entire supply chain.


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