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Flexible and robust silica on metal for anticorrosion and antifouling purposes

SiOx has developed a technology that has made glass-on-metal flexible coating possible, effectively protecting metal from corrosion and fouling

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Heat exchangers gradually lose their performance due to deposits on the heat transfer surfaces (fouling). Fouling lowers the energy efficiency, impedes fluid flow and increases pressure drop across the heat exchanger. Consequently, heat exchangers are over-sized, production lines are shut down for cleaning, and energy consumption is increased. The estimated cost of fouling in industrialized countries is 0.25 per cent of GDP.

SiOx’s NANOmel silica coating reduces fouling by more than 50 per cent, without reducing the thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger. For the end user, this means better energy efficiency and longer uptime in production lines.

Material substitution

Heat exchangers are often operated in aggressive media. Often titanium is used to ensure a long lifetime of the heat exchangers. Titanium is an expensive material and supply can be fluctuation.

SiOx is participating in a big collaborative project using the NANOmel coating technology for substituting titanium for less expensive materials, e.g. stainless steel. Stainless steel plates are 3-4 times cheaper than titanium plates, and it is estimated that by substituting consumption of titanium for stainless steel, the savings would be around €25 million annually for our project partner.

SiOx – Flexible & Bendable Glass-on-Metal Coating from SiOx – Glass-on-Metal Coating on Vimeo.

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