SimGas BV

LOCATION Netherlands

Biogas solutions for the sub-tropics

SimGas was founded in May 2009 by the brothers Sanne and Mirik Castro. Inspiration for the company emerged from Sanne’s Master thesis research, which addressed the feasibility of large-scale biogas systems in Tanzania and Ghana. Biogas is a proven technology to provide for clean energy in (sub-)tropical areas. However, the existing designs are inefficient and expensive.

Traditional systems are a project rather than a product. By establishing SimGas, the Castro brothers developed the idea to design affordable and mass-producible systems in order to lower the costs and make biogas available for millions of households.

SimGas focuses on innovative design, production and delivery of affordable small-scale biogas and bio-sanitation systems to customers in (sub)tropical regions. Since end-2011, the systems are being locally produced and distributed in East-Africa.


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