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Revolutionary dissolving and mixing device for water treatment

SansOx Ltd develops new innovations for water treatment. Its main product: OxTube combines different technologies in a new way – it is the smartest and most efficient tool in the market for dissolving oxygen and other gases into water or liquids. It is also most efficient in dissolving or mixing for instance chemicals, fertilizers, and coagulants. The OxTube won the WssTP EU Innovation Award in 2014.

Today the OxTube, together with the product family created on its basis, represents new technology that can be used for water purification, intensification of food production in places like fish farms and irrigation systems, cleaning of waste water from industrial processes and sewage. Lastly, there are health related benefits of highly dissolved oxygen concentration.

Because of its modularity, the OxTube can be fitted to suit versatile needs and facilities. General benefits include: Fast and continuous process with dissolving and mixing in seconds, consistent process quality, no need for external energy, and ease of maintenance. The OxTube grants the best economy in life-cycle costs by saving energy, time and ingredients compared to other advanced systems.

Climate benefits include savings in energy and water, and reduction of odor harms. As an example, the VoxFlotation and VoxSton systems, based largely on OxTube technology, are able to cut the energy consumption of purifying of process waters at pulp and paper mills in half.


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