Samad Power Ltd

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Improving our lives & lives of the next generations is our goal

Samad Power Ltd has designed and developed a secondary power source utilising the regular gas supply within a building.

The company has developed a compact combined heat and power generation system for domestic users (called TGB or Turbo Green Boiler), which is capable of producing up to 2KW of electricity whilst simultaneously providing hot water and space heating (approximately 10 kW).

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Micro CHP boilers already exist, but the fundamental challenge to high volume deployment of micro CHP boilers is the cost to the end users (currently the average cost of micro CHP boilers is £7000.00).

Samad Power is resolving this problem by developing a gas turbine version of micro CHP that has less than half of the parts used in other CHP technologies, one moving components and utilising 70 years of deployment in other industries. 

This allows the company to provide its micro CHP boiler at a significantly lower price (50% of the cost of other technologies).

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