Quantum Electric

YEAR FOUNDED December 2009
LOCATION Joensuu, Finland
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

Multispeed transmission system for electric vehicles

Electric motors used in electric vehicles today only operate at high efficiency when they are in a relatively narrow revolutions per minute (rpm) band, from 2200 – 3000 rpm. Adding to this, electric motors have a torque curve, a power curve, and an efficiency curve that make them complex systems for energy management and power optimization because the motor efficiency changes at every speed.

Quantum Electric’s multispeed transmission system is based on electronic gears, where connected phase coils in stator modules create an electronic gearbox right in the motor itself. Quantum Electric is developing a fully electronic gearbox and speed controller that will keep the motor running at maximum efficiency at all times. By using our electronic gearbox motor and speed controller system it is possible to reduce battery energy consumption in urban traffic up to 30%, which translates to a 50% range extension in drive. We have estimated that single a Tesla S Model user driving 20,000 km annually would achieve 1200 kWh energy savings per annum. This means 12 GWh energy savings as a total of 10, 000 Tesla S Model drivers are using our multispeed power transmission system based on electric gears. This is approximately equivalent to the electricity usage of 1000 EU households annually.


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Jari Aaltonen, CEO / Founder