PhaseShift Energy

YEAR FOUNDED not yet founded
LOCATION Germany/Berlin

Innovative wind energy generation and storage technology

Todays wind turbines are complex and highly developed machines. Unfortunately these machines were designed for a grid system which can not support the volatility
of renewable energies. Each turbine achieves its highest efficiency only at its designed wind speed and is thus unable to harvest the full potential of the energy in the wind.

Our solution to this problem is to replace the traditional electromechanical drivetrain with our hydro-pneumatic system which is capable of achieving its highest efficiency at all wind speeds. Additionally our system provides for the storage of energy in form of compressed air and therefore de-couples the variability of the wind from the strict demands of the grid.

Wind energy is set to grow exponentially in the coming years and we see our technology playing a major role in the transformation towards a sustainable energy system.


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