Pectcof B.V.

LOCATION The Netherlands

Biorefinery of coffee biomass

Pectcof technology unlocks the potential of the coffee pulp as a source of biobased materials, at the same time detoxifying the waste stream produced by the second most traded commodity in the world.

Pectcof’s cradle to cradle concept not only adds value to the waste stream of coffee, but will assure sustainability in the coffee supply chain. Pectcof’s first product is coffee pectin; this product has special characteristics that are desired by food processors and pharmaceutical industries. Because pectin is a defined as a natural ingredient, has unlimited potential of availability and contains unique functionalities, coffee pectin has the potential to conquer an important part of food additives on the world market. Other compounds like polyphenols (anti – oxidants), water binding fibers, a bright red pigment and fruit sugars are being studied for purification and market introduction.

2013: Dutch Climate-KIC Venture Competition (1st)
2013: European Climate-KIC Venture Competition (2nd)
2013: CleanTech Business Day (1st)


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