AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

ParkHere has developed the world’s first self-powered parking sensor

ParkHere’s sensor is the first parking sensor that does not need any kind of external power supply or batteries. It is self-powered, which means that based on an energy harvesting system, the sensor produces the energy needed to send signals to the Base Station regarding the availability status of the parking spot.

Furthermore, the sensor can also determine the size of the parking space, which cannot be done by any other sensor. This characteristic is especially useful when parallel parking in the city center, where parking spots are not always clearly marked.

All the information generated by our sensors is stored in the company’s cloud server. In this way ParkHere can provide its clients real-time and historical information, plus they can have access to such information from any part of the world.


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Team Members: 20 people working

Founders: Felix Harteneck, Jakob Sturm & Clemens Techmer