Oxygen Technologies

LOCATION Germany/Freiburg

Software technology for planning renewable energy systems

Oxygen Technologies is a cloud-based B2B software technology for planning the implementation of decentralised renewable energy (RE) systems. It assists FEED-engineers and system integrators during the planning process by evaluating and optimising compositions of RE systems energetically and economically.

Due to its multi-agent-based architecture Oxygen Technologies allows for a high-performing simulation covering the high dynamics in technology development and legal frameworks, the complexity of energy flows and the variety of control strategies. Based on the simulation, Oxygen Technologies is able to find the optimal composition of RE systems for a given scenario and to perform a risk analysis of investments in renewable energies.

The foundations of Oxygen Technologies have been developed for over two years at Fraunhofer ISE in cooperation with the research group “Foundations of Artificial Intelligence” at the University of Freiburg.


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