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Creating Healthy Offices, Restoring Your Vitality

OfficeVitae provides a unique and integrated approach to generating real time insights into office and occupant Health & Vitality. The OfficeVitae Health Platform – developed with leading scientists at the Technical University of Delft and supported by Climate-KIC BTA (Building Technologies Accelerator) – combines Smart Indoor Environment Sensors with Office Occupant Self-Reporting. All of this is translated into a daily Office Vitality Index, that can be used as a benchmark for offices and as a KPI for further improvements.

Research and employee satisfaction surveys show there are serious complaints in offices, especially regarding indoor air, climate, noise and office design. An unhealthy work environment can cause poor concentration, lower productivity and higher sickness rates. On top of this, it has been proven that most building management systems are not operating efficiently due to incorrect settings and are not responding effectively to occupants needs. Using data coming from the workspace level, OfficeVitae can solve these problems and reduce energy demands by up to 20%!

Together with carefully selected partners – in building management systems, office furniture, facility management and vitality coaching, OfficeVitae not only helps offices to become healthier and more sustainable workplaces, but also help the occupants to become happier and fitter.

The benefits of OfficeVitae include; energy savings, sqm optimisation, lower sickness rates and better (company) performance.


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